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Effective Legal Solutions From Relatable Legal Advisers

Our attorneys are engineers and business people like you. This experience helps us see the legal issues from your perspective and tailor estate planning, business law and probate strategies to meet your unique needs.

We Protect Your Assets, Both Tangible And Intangible

Hunt Pennington Kumar PLLC is a boutique law firm created to protect the things our clients have worked hard for in life, from the physical assets in your personal estate to the intangible assets of your intellectual property. We are proud to serve individuals, families, businesses and startups in Austin in areas ranging from estate planning and business law to intellectual property law.

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Offering Legal Solutions For All Stages Of Your Business

From preparing and negotiating contracts to financing, business disputes to franchise law, Hunt Pennington Kumar PLLC leverages our attorneys’ diverse backgrounds to bring new insight to all aspects of business law. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an investor or a franchiser, an experienced business lawyer can guide you through all aspects of your business including raising capital, diversifying your product line, expanding your markets, allocating risk and advising against costly mistakes.

Our Clients Come From All Walks Of Life

We are fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients – young couples just starting their lives together; older, more established families nearing retirement; small-business owners planning for the future; and successful business owners seeking to establish a transition plan for their company when they retire.

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Protecting Your Ideas

We serve technology companies, startups, inventors, scientists, investors and private equity managers. We counsel companies and individuals who are starting or operating businesses; investing in the tech sector; grappling with disputes involving technology, people and capital; and involved in the innovation of medical devices, computing, integrated circuits, aerospace technologies and countless other protectable assets.

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Estate Planning, Intellectual Property And Business Law Attorneys In Austin, Texas

Our attorneys have a focused mission to help Texans establish successful businesses and create estate plans that will protect their assets and meet all their needs. Regardless of the size or complexity of the issues, our attorneys strive to provide the best quality of service to each client.

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