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A Rigorous Due Diligence Process

Effective Patent Issue Solutions | Patent Application Assistance

For an accurate assessment of the value of your company, a clear understanding of your company’s IP is critical. The value of your company’s IP is often misunderstood or glossed over by corporate lawyers in cases such as mergers, acquisitions, public or private financing, licensing deals, and other related transactions.

Our rigorous due diligence process not only examines the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s portfolio but also exposes issues from offensive as well as defensive angles. In some cases, our due diligence process allows companies to increase their value or attractiveness.

The experienced attorneys at Hunt Pennington Kumar PLLC’s patent practice have served as IP counsels to various companies throughout the due diligence process. They have not only worked alongside corporate counsel but also understand how to build and execute a strategy to maximize the company’s position. Our deep technical expertise along with our IP and business experience allows us to help you maximize the value of your portfolios.

Irrespective of your business’s development stage, your patent portfolio and IP plan should align with your business plan. We at Hunt Pennington Kumar PLLC work with businesses of all sizes to design robust portfolios that deliver value to the business.

A strong portfolio management involves taking strategic decisions about IP assets held by your organization, or identify assets owned by other organizations that can help you strengthen the position of your business. Portfolio management can also increase your revenue through the licensing or selling of patents, or the reduction of maintenance costs by abandoning patents that do not help the business.

Our attorneys are well versed and can advise you on pre-litigation and post-grant strategies. Collaborate with our transactional attorneys to reach pre-litigation settlements that favor you. That’s not all; you can count on us to provide detailed opinions on topics such as freedom-to-operate, validity, and infringement.

At Hunt Pennington Kumar PLLC, we understand that startups solve problems in innovative ways. That’s why we’re committed to protecting your innovations. You can trust our experienced team to help your company obtain valuable intellectual property that not only attracts investors but also deter competition and establish a presence in the market.

The team at our law firm includes professionals with backgrounds in computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, and other fields.

Our intellectual property services for startups include:

  • Patent prosecution
  • Copyright counseling
  • Registration and opinions
  • Trademark counseling and prosecution
  • Opinions and strategic counseling