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The benefits and drawbacks of DIY business documents

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Business Law |

There are many providers of ready-made legal documents that businesses in the Austin area may use.

Admittedly, many of these providers ensure that these do-it-yourself documents, corporate bylaws, business contracts, commercial leases and the like, get reviewed by an attorney.

Downloading and then using these documents often costs less than going to a lawyer.

For an Austin-area business, saving costs and still getting a document that is valid under Texas law may sound like a winning proposition.

It is worth pointing out that these same providers may also offer common estate planning documents or real estate documents for those who want to sell or buy property without using a realtor or real estate attorney.

DIY documents might not fit an Austin business’ unique needs

The biggest drawback to these documents is that they might not cover a business’s unique situation. A business’s needs are rarely one-size-fits-all. The same is true for an individual’s estate plan or other legal affairs.

In some cases, even if a DIY document is well-drafted, using it when the situation does not call for it can cause serious legal problems. For example, a general contract or even a basic licensing agreement might cause confusion when it comes to protecting a patent or other intellectual property.

The best part about having a business lawyer discuss their client’s business needs and then doing the necessary legal work is that the attorney can assess the business’s unique situation.

They are trained to understand the circumstances and make sure that the documents they provide respond to those circumstances. Importantly, their work also comes with the assurance that they are responsible if they do the work in a legally careless manner.

The attorney also is in position to negotiate. For example, if someone has questions or concerns about the meaning of a DIY document or wants to change it, having an attorney involved in the process can help.